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Custos® Wireless Flood Sensors for Custos Z-Wave Ball Valve Servo (BVS) Main Shut Off Kit

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  • Works even flipped over

The unique feature of this device is the central sensor ring with 4 metal water probes on four corners. This ensures the detection works in all orientations of the device placement.

  • Long-lasting battery

Leak Sensor can work up to 10 years on a single battery. 

  • Detects even a single drop

Leak Sensor is a highly sensitive device that can detect even the smallest leaks thanks to its capillary effect - water soaks into colored channels with ease.

  • Compact size

Leak Sensor is one of the smallest of its kind. The compact size compares to the size of a Lipstick.

  • Able to extend

The external second water detection probe can be connected to the main device and it will act as a different type of sensor from what's already on board.