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Custos® Wireless Flood Sensors for Custos Z-Wave Ball Valve Servo (BVS) Main Shut Off Kit

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  • Works even flipped over

The unique feature of this device is the central sensor ring with 4 metal water probes on four corners. This ensures the detection works in all orientations of the device placement.

  • Long-lasting battery

Leak Sensor can work up to 10 years on a single battery. 

  • Detects even a single drop

Leak Sensor is a highly sensitive device that can detect even the smallest leaks thanks to its capillary effect - water soaks into colored channels with ease.

  • Compact size

Leak Sensor is one of the smallest of its kind. The compact size compares to the size of a Lipstick.

  • Able to extend

The external second water detection probe can be connected to the main device and it will act as a different type of sensor from what's already on board. 

The small as a lipstick, Leak Sensor works in all orientations no matter the device placement. And due to the capillary effect, detects even the smallest drops of water

01/ Works even flipped over 

02/ Long-lasting battery

03/ Detects even a single drop 

04/ Compact size

05/ Able to extend

The Gateway will support BVS 32+ hours in case of power loss and make sure to close the water main in case of leakage. 

The Valve Servo can cope with the toughest valves with ease while staying flexible due to its adjustable clamps. And, it's the only retrofit valve actuator engineered for outdoor use. Its enclosure is made of automobile graded UV proof polymer

01/ DIY installation

02/ Adjustable clamps

03/ Patented motor

04/ Outdoor use

05/ Wide range coverage