About us

Ubitech Limited is an international team of hardware engineers, software developers & product designers from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Germany.
We are focusing on the 360 degrees proactive Leak damage prevention Solution, 100% non-invasive, and 100% non-intrusive.
There is a big potential for effective leak DAMAGE prevention solutions but super-low installation numbers in real-world houses and homes. Base on the insurance statistic: the chance for an average home to be destroyed in a fire is 10%, while the chance for the same home to be destroyed by a water-related loss is over 25%.
We identified several reasons for this gap: First and foremost, this is the need to hire a professional plumber and cutting pipes. Hence, our common goal is to provide the best water leak damage protection possible but all with the super-easy installation.
With our innovative and patented mechanic design, our water valve servo can cover the ball valve, gate valve, and KFR valve and installed by average people in a matter of minutes.